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Our Programs

Junior Karate (ages 6-12 years old)
Teen/Adult Karate & Kickboxing
Novice Karate (ages 4-6 years old)
for 6-12 yrs old
for 4-6 yrs old
self-defence & fitness

Our Novice Karate Program is the perfect environment for your young child to develop listening skills, focus and learn to work within groups, all while keeping active and having fun.

Our Junior Karate Program teaches your child more than just self-defence and fitness, they'll learn valuable Life Skills: confidence, self-discipline, concentration, respect – the skills needed to excel in life.

Our Teen/Adult Karate Program combines the fitness and conditioning of self-defence and kickboxing training with the Art of Karate.  Get fit and have fun within a friendly and supportive environment.

The Canada's Best Karate Advantage

When you join a Canada’s Best Karate you become a member of a family environment that’s there to support you in achieving your goals. The great results that so many of our members have achieved is proof that our school delivers on its promise – to help you become the best person you can be!

Benefits of being a member at Canada’s Best Karate include:

  • Spacious training facility with wall-to-wall safety flooring

  • Fully outfitted with the latest training equipment for a fun and safe learning experience

  • Low student:instructor ratio

  • Separate classes for Children and Teens/Adults

  • Character Education Themes teaching the importance of concentration, discipline and integrity

  • Bullies2Buddies conflict resolution program to teach children to positively deal with peer pressure, teasing and bullying

  • School Safe/Street Safe Program to help you child protect themselves when they need it most

  • Flexible schedule of classes five days a week

  • Personal student evaluations and testing to ensure the fastest progress

  • Specially designed “I CAN” Home Report Card and STAR Rewards to teach responsibility

  • FREE on-line training in the Members’ Section of our website

  • All classes are taught by Certified Black Belt Instructors

  • Full length studio mirrors for optimum learning

  • Parent Viewing Area for your comfort while you wait

  • Fully air conditioned for a comfortable training environment

JumpStart Beginner Special

For new members, receive two private lessons, personal assessment and a FREE karate uniform for only $29.95 + HST!

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