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Novice Karate

4-6 Year olds

Dear Parent,

When you have a pre-schooler in the house you soon learn that they are an energetic dynamo, always on the move and curious about everything. You want to encourage them to be active but there are few programs available to pre-school kids that are more than supervised play-time.

But what if there was a program for your young child, one that not only kept them active but also taught them Life Skills, like:

  • following instructions

  • listening and concentrating

  • self-discipline

  • valuable street-proofing skills

  • physical agility and coordination


My name is Scott Bullard and I am a karate sensei (chief instructor). I have developed a highly successful program designed to teach 4 to 6 year olds these very life skills. It is called the Novice Program taught at Canada’s Best™ Karate.

When creating this program I realized early on that in order to teach a pre-schooler you need to capture their attention and imagination. That’s what makes karate the ideal tool to use to teach life skills to kids – they are intrigued by the techniques of karate and are eager to imitate the actions of the instructor. Our instructors know this and therefore model not only good karate form but also good focus, concentration, respect, manners and discipline.

Novice Karate Program for ages 4 to 6 years old
Novice Karate Program taught by certified Black Belt Instructors and low student-instructor ratio
The key is a structured environment

From the moment your child attends a class you will begin to see how the Novice Program is able to make a difference with our students. Every moment of their time has been thought out and planned ahead by the instructor so that the students are guided through each stage of learning.

Your child will begin to show real confidence as they start to learn and practise the various blocks, punches and kicks under the direct supervision of our instructors. Because the classes are grouped by age, they are training with students near to their physical and emotional level. As well, with the lowest student:instructor ratio of any of our programs – some classes as low as 5:1 – you will know that your child will receive the attention he or she requires.

Each class your child will be lead through a series of activities and drills designed to develop focus and concentration, lessons that encourage listening skills and team work. And of course the karate instruction is great for improving physical development, balance, agility and strength. Combine all this with our unique home study pages and you have a formula that works!

When Emily started the {Novice} program she was very confused, shy and sad. After a couple of weeks into the program she changed her attitude and came out of her shell a little more every day. Now my daughter is back to being a happy, outgoing, confident little girl.

Evelyn Gebele

You can see the difference with your own eyes

Although our techniques are based on centuries old knowledge, our application of that knowledge sets Canada’s Best™ Karate schools apart from other schools. From the moment you walk into our facility, you can see that we place a lot of emphasis on safety: the training area is covered wall-to-wall with a K2000 safety floor and we use a large supply of padded training equipment so that our students do not have to fear being kicked or punched in class.


All of the students at Canada’s Best™ Karate are evaluated on an individual basis with positive encouragement and support from our instructors. In fact, all instructors at Canada’s Best™ Karate must be black belts with special training in dealing with children’s classes, including special needs like ADHD and ASD.

Canada's Best Karate facilities feature wall-to-wall padded safety floor and large selection of training pads and equipment
School Safe/Street Safe Program teaches children how to protect themselves from bullies and strangers
Age-appropriate self-defence

Most parents support some form of self-defence instruction for their children. But what may be appropriate for an 8 year old or an 18 year old may not be suitable for your pre-schooler. That’s why students in our Novice Program learn selected concepts from our Stranger Danger curriculum (which is also taught to our school-age karate students, along with our School Safe/Street Safe Program).


Among other things, our students learn the most valuable self defence – to say “NO!” to a stranger and run for help to an adult. This is the part of our program that we hope they never have to use, but you’ll be glad they have it if the need arises.

Who are your child’s POSITIVE role models?

Your son or daughter probably has many of your traits and attitudes. However, they’re also inclined to imitate the other kids in their peer group. As parents, we all hope they’re imitating friends and role models who exemplify good values. 

Canada’s Best™ Karate understands the importance of role models, so we’ve chosen our instructors with great care. Our instructors aren’t just skilled martial arts teachers – they are people who demonstrate the outstanding personal character and values that you would want in any role model for your child.


All of our instructors are students who we have developed within our own programs through our specialized youth leadership program. These are young people who not only display martial arts expertise, but also compassion, gentleness and humour. In studying our program, your child will build strong friendships and mentor relationships with these exemplary men and women.

Certified Black Belt Instructors teach all classes and feature low student-instructor ratio
Take advantage of our Special Offer

Enrolling your child in a martial arts school may feel like a big step. I certainly understand the complicated choices parents face in selecting activities and schools for their children. If you are ready to consider a martial arts program for your child, let me make your choice as easy as possible.

Your child can try out our amazing confidence-building program by registering for our FREE JumpSTART Beginner Introductory Special below.  It's a no-cost, risk-free way to see if training at Canada's Best Karate is right for your child.

Just click on the link below to register or pick up the phone right now and call us at 905-879-8008.  But I have to warn you: we do limit our class sizes so contact us soon so that you can secure your place.


Take that first step towards securing your child’s future by enrolling them at Canada's Best Karate.  Soon you’ll be seeing smiles of confidence from your child!


Scott Bullard – Shihan/Master Instructor
Canada’s Best™ Karate

JumpStart Beginner Special

For new members, our FREE Beginner Special includes an Introductory lesson,Beginner Class and Personal Assessment!

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