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Martial Arts programs for all ages - confidence, discipline, self defence

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Welcome to Canada's Best Karate

The Next Generation of Family Martial Arts Schools

When you join a Canada’s Best Karate School you become a member of a family environment that’s there to support you in achieving your goals. The great results that so many of our members have achieved is proof that our school delivers on its promise – to help you become the best person you can be!

Our Programs

Junior Karate for kids ages 6 to 12 years old
Novice Karate for kids ages 4 to 6 years old
Teen and Adult Karate and Kickboxing
for 6-12 yrs old
for 4-6 yrs old
self-defence & fitness

Our Novice Karate Program is the perfect environment for your young child to develop listening skills, focus and learn to work within groups, all while keeping active and having fun.

Our Junior Karate Program teaches your child more than just self-defence and fitness, they'll learn valuable Life Skills: confidence, self-discipline, concentration, respect – the skills needed to excel in life.

Our Teen/Adult Karate Program combines the fitness and conditioning of self-defence and kickboxing training with the Art of Karate.  Get fit and have fun within a friendly and supportive environment.

The Canada's Best Karate Advantage

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Our school features large, spacious training rooms with wall-to-wall padded flooring for maximum safety. We are fully outfitted with top quality training equipment for every student to be able to maximize their results. Parent viewing areas are comfortable and allow full access to the action going on in class. And we are fully air conditioned.

High Quality Instruction

Our students are taught by specially trained black belt intructors qualified to teach all ages, from 4 year olds up to adults.


Flexible Class Schedule 

You choose the days and times that fits into your schedule. Our systemized class curriculum means that you never have to worry about missing out on a valuable part of your training.

Low Student:Instructor Ratio

Classes grouped by skill level and multiple instructors on hand ensure that our students get the attention they need to learn new skills and gain greater self-confidence. Some classes feature student:instructor ratios as low as 5:1!

Character Education Lessons

Training at Canada’s Best Karate is more than just kicking and punching – it’s about learning life skills to enhance all areas of our students’ development. In-class lessons present a consistent message to our students about the importance of focus, discipline and integrity in society.


Internet Training 

As a Canada’s Best Karate member, you have access to our private on-line training library which includes: video instruction, manuals and training tips to fully enhance your martial arts experience.

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What our members have to say

My child has been going for two months and absolutely loves it! Usually they’re shy and anxious of doing anything but ever since we started at CBK, I’ve watched my child growing more comfortable with themselves! The staff is great, friendly, and engaged. Definitely recommend!

Regina Richards

Canada’s Best Karate is proud to be serving the communities of Vaughan (Woodbridge, Maple and Concord) since 1993.

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